You Are Welcome Here

This campaign seeks to create a more welcoming campus environment for the queer/LGBTQIA+ community by encouraging Columbians to consider posting a sticker or sign with our special “you are welcome here” logo on their office door, at their desk, or in another visible location.  Posting this sign indicates that someone:

  • Believes the Columbia campus is enriched by the presence of the queer/LGBTQIA+ community
  • Will work to avoid heterosexist and cis-sexist assumptions, use inclusive language, and confront homophobia and transphobia

PLEASE NOTE that there is NO TRAINING associated with this campaign.  If Columbia affiliates are interested in further training, they are encouraged to attend a CU Safe Zone event and/or check out one of the many on- or off-campus resources listed below.

This campaign is being lead by qSTEM, an organization for queer and allied graduate students in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), with assistance from the Graduate Workers of Columbia (GWC-UAW).  

Please direct any questions to the qSTEM leadership by emailing  Requests for stickers can also be sent to the preceding email address while we work on developing a smoother distribution system.



New York City:

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If you would like a sticker as a show of support, contact us below!